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independence day speech in english

Independence Day Speech In English 2018

The PSUs are formed to fall in a pit, to fail, to get locked or to be sold out. That has been the history. We have tried to bring in a new culture. And today for the first time, I can say with satisfaction that Air India which had a bad image, has succeeded in registering an operational profit last year. At a time when telecom companies all over the world were earning, BSNL was falling in a pit. For the first time, BSNL has succeeded in earning an operational profit. Nobody knew whether Shipping Corporation of India would ever be in profit. Today Shipping Corporation of India is making a profit.
Operational profit is the profit that a company makes from its business operations. It is what accountants call earnings before interest and taxes. In the case of Air India, as I have written in the past, the airline has made an operational profit primarily because of the fall in oil prices. I will not repeat the argument here. (You can read the column explaining this here). Also, just because the airline has made an operational profit doesn’t mean that the airline is not losing money.
What Mr. Modi forgot to tell us is that the airline lost Rs 2,636 crore in 2015-2016. Herein we need to differentiate between the operating profit of the company and the net profit/loss. Anyone who has studied Finance 101 knows that operating profit and net profit are two different things all together.
Operational profit is the profit that a company makes from its business operations. After this, the company needs to pay interest on its debt, as well as taxes to the government. What remains is the net profit or net loss, as is the case with Air India. In the case of Air India, the airline had a debt of Rs 51,367 crore as on March 31, 2015, and interest needs to be paid on this debt. After paying this interest, the airline ended with a net loss.
Also, the complete profit and loss statement of the airline for 2015-2016, hasn’t been made public yet. From the data that is available in the public domain, it can be said that the airline made an operating profit primarily because of a fall in oil prices. If there is anything more to it, then the government needs to make available the complete set of numbers, as soon as possible, in the public domain.

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to speak to you today.
I am very proud to be India.
India has been independent for seventy-one years.  Since 1947.
Today, on this day, the Seventeenth of August, we the people of India celebrate our independence with a flag ceremony, competitions and games.
Jakarta is our capital city and Monas is our national monument.
India is a democratic Republic with an elected president every five years.
We are a country of many cultures, custom, and tradition with a population of more than two hundred and fifty million people in thirty-four provinces across thirteen thousand islands speaking nearly five hundred different ethnic languages.
Our diversity is both united and unique.
The beautiful island of Bali and the temples of Borobodur and Prambanan are examples of attractions which draw visitors from all over the world to our shores.
From the tip of Sumatra to the outer reaches of Papua. India is celebrated.
Merdeka!  Independence.  Freedom to all.
Peace on earth to everyone.  God bless India!
Thank you.

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Independence Day Speech In Hindi

स्वतंत्रता दिवस का हर देश में अत्यन्त महत्व होता है। यह वही दिन होता है जो हर गुलाम देश अपनी स्वतंत्रता के दिन को पूरे उत्सव के रूप में मनाता है। भारतवर्ष प्रत्येक वर्ष 15 अगस्त के दिन को स्वतंत्रता दिवस के रूप में मनाता है।
भारत ने 15 अगस्त 1947 को अंग्रेजों की दासता से मुकित मिली थी। यह मुकित उसे 190 वर्षों की गुलामी के बाद मिली थी। स्वतंत्र होने के पश्चात देश के प्रथम प्रधानमंत्री के रूप में पंडित जवाहरलाल नेहरू और प्रथम राष्टपति के रूप में डा0 राजेन्द्र प्रसाद जी का चयन किया गया था। यह दिन पूरे देश में हर पर्व से बढ़कर मनाया गया था। इस दिन के बाद प्रतिवर्ष दिल्ली के लालकिला पर प्रधानमंत्री द्वारा झंडोत्तोलन का आयोजन किया जाने लगा। इस दिन सभी शिक्षण संस्थानों और कार्यालयों में अवकाश का दिन होता है। इन स्थानों पर विधिवत झंडा फहराया जाता है। छात्र-छात्राओं द्वारा आकर्षक एवं रंगारंग कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत किया जाता है। झांकियां निकाली जाती है। मिठाइयां और चाकलेट वितरण किया जाता है।
सभी धर्मों के लोग बिना किसी भेद-भाव के साथ-साथ इस कार्यक्रम में  शामिल होते हैं। यह दिन हर देशवासी को स्वतंत्र होने का अहसास दिलाता है। इस दिन हम उन लाखों स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों को याद करते हैं जिन्होंने किसी न किसी रूप में भारतवर्ष से अंगे्रजों को भगाने में अपना योगदान दिया। हम उनका कर्ज कभी नहीं चुका सकते,अत: हम उन्हें याद करके अपना कर्तव्य याद करने का प्रयास करते हैं।
आज भारतवर्ष भ्रष्टाचार, जमाखोरी, अपहरण, फिरौती, हत्या, बलात्कार आदि जैसे भयानक रोगों के चंगुल में बुरी तरह से जकड़ता जा रहा है। देश का शायद ही ऐसा कोर्इ हिस्सा बचा हो जो इन से अछुता हो। अत: आज के युवाओं को समिमलित प्रयास कर तथा क्रांति का बिगुल फुंककर भारत को पुन: उसका गौरव दिलाने का प्रयास करना चाहिए, अन्यथा दिन-व-दिन भारत गत्र्त में समाहित होता जाएगा।

independence day speech in hindi

short essay on independence day

All the leaders are united together in the parliament to step toward the freedom of India. As midnight approached slowly after a long awaited time of 200 years…the happiness of freedom spread to the whole country. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave his historic speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ and in the clear sky of independent India, on 15 Aug 1947, he hoisted the national flag, all the way higher and higher.
But the path to independence was not at all an easy one. It all started in 1857 with the nationwide revolt of Rani Lakshmi Bai. But unfortunately, we were unable to get independence.
It is said that if you like a thing from the core of the heart, then the whole Universe gets ready to help you to get the thing. Likewise, our freedom fighters devoted their whole and soul for the freedom of India in the real sense.
Arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in the freedom struggle boosted the pace of Independence. He worked on the Principle of Ahinsa and Philosophy of Truth. He united the whole country in the thread of unity and marched broadly towards Independence. Our freedom fighters like Sardar Wallav Bhai Patel, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Sardar Bhagat Singh and many others joined the revolution to free the nation from the Clutch Of Britishers.

independence day (India) 2018

In 1942, Gandhiji launched the Quit India Movement which was an ultimatum to the Britishers which forced them to leave India. At last, in the month of Feb 1947, Britishers Declared to leave the country till the month of August and on 15 Aug 1947, India got Independence which was the result of the immense tribute of Our Freedom Fighters to the Nation. Let us Salute our freedom fighters on this day to show due respect to our Freedom Fighters and maintain the glory of a country by keeping a remembrance of them in our hearts.

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happy independence day 2019 - whatsapp independence day images

happy independence day 2018 - Hello friend as we know that its independence day in India and everyone is celebrating this day of India's freedom then why we should not enjoy this day. So, friends, I am going to share happy independence day 2018 images for you. You can share happy independence day 2018 wishes to your friends, relative or on social media platform for your happiness. I have shared all
independence day 2018 status in Hindi in this post. So get ready for this happy independence day 2018 SMS that I am going to share with you below. Please share happy independence day 2018 with your friends.

WhatsApp independence day images

happy independence day 2018

happy independence day 2018

May the flag of our country always fly high Independence Day.
Let’s salute the nation Happy 15 August Day.
15 August is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here.
Na sar jhuka hai kabhi
aur na jhukayenge Kabhi,
jo apne dum pe jiyen sach me zindagi hai wahi.
Feel the freedom, Happy Independence Day

1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
29 Major festivals 6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
& 1 Country! Be Proud to be an Indian!..
Happy Independence Day………
Sare jahan se accha Hindostan hamara
Hum bulbulain hai iss ki, yeh gulsitan hamara
Happy Independence Day to All of You.
May this Independence Day Fills your life with lot of happiness and prosperity.
Happy Independence Day India. 

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happy independence day 2018 images
It has been 70 years since India was released from the clutches of British rule. Thousands of freedom fighters lost their lives to get the national independence. They fought to protect the integrity and unity of India.
On 15 August, Indians remember those who sacrificed themselves for the nation. People from all walks of life celebrate this day and cherish the feeling of being Independent.

Let us not get this national holiday wasted and share with our friends and families, your appreciation for those who gloriously fought for the nation's pride and came out victorious.
Here are few soul-stirring messages that you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.
– It makes my heart beat with pride to see the colors of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joy all around. May the glory of Independence Day Be with you forever.

Our nation is like a tree of which the original trunk is swarajya and the branches are swadeshi and boycott.” — Bal Gandhar Tilak. – Happy Independence Day

On Independence Day
Here’s wising your dreams of a New tomorrow come true…

Now and Always Happy Independence Day to youThousands laid down their lives so that
Our country can celebrate this day
Never forget their sacrifices..
Happy Independence Day!

Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words,
Pride in our hearts,
Memories in our souls.
Let’s salute the nation.
Happy Independence DayIndependence is a Precious gift of God.

May We Always Remain Independent?
A Very Happy Independence Day to You.

independence day 2018 status in Hindi

संस्कार और संस्कृति की शान मिले ऐसे,
हिन्दू मुस्लिम और हिंदुस्तान मिले ऐसे
हम मिलजुल के रहे ऐसे कि
मंदिर में अल्लाह और मस्जिद में राम मिले जैसे.
चढ़ गये जो हंसकर सूली,
खाई जिन्होने सीने पर गोली,
हम उनको प्रणाम करते हैं!
जो मिट गये देश पर,
हम सब उनको सलाम करते हैं!
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई!
ज़माने भर में मिलते हे आशिक कई ,
मगर वतन से खूबसूरत कोई सनम नहीं होता ,
नोटों में भी लिपट कर, सोने में सिमटकर मरे हे कई ,
मगर तिरंगे से खूबसूरत कोई कफ़न नहीं होता

दे सलामी इस तिरंगे को
जिस से तेरी शान हैं,
सर हमेशा ऊँचा रखना इसका
जब तक दिल में जान हैं..!!
Jai Hindi, Jai Bharat
हम तो किसी दूसरे की धरती पर नज़र भी नहीं डालते… लेकिन इतने नालायक बच्चे भी नहीं की कोई हमारी धरती माँ पर नज़र डाले और हम चुप चाप देखते रहे। जय हिन्द

happy independence day 2018 sms

आज़ादी की कभी शाम नहीं होने देंगे;
शहीदों की कुर्बानी कभी बेकार नहीं होने देंगे;
बची हो जो एक बूँद भी लहू की तो;
भारत माँ का आँचल कभी नीलाम नहीं होने देंगे।
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई!

नहीं सिर्फ जश्न मनाना, नहीं सिर्फ झंडे लहराना, ये काफी नहीं है वतन पर, यादों को नहीं भुलाना , जो कुर्बान हुए उनके लफ़्ज़ों को आगे बढ़ाना, खुदा के लिए नही ज़िन्दगी वतन के लिए लुटाना।
Happy Independence Day

तहे दिल से मुबारक करते है
चलो आज फिर उन आजादी के लम्हो को याद करते है
कुर्बान हुए थे जो वीर जवान देश की आजादी के लिए
चलो उनके जज्बे और वीरता को आज प्रणाम करते है
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं और बधाई

Patriotic Message, SMS, Quotes, देशभक्ति सन्देश

आओ झुककर सलाम करें उन्हें जिनके हिस्से में ये मुकाम आता है खुशनसीब होता है वो खून जो देश के काम आता है।  जय हिन्द जय भारत। स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं

कुछ नशा तिरंगे की आन का है, कुछ नशा मातृभूमि की शान का है।
हम लहराएंगे हर जगह ये तिरंगा, नशा ये हिंदुस्तान की शान का है।
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई


happy independence day 2018 Ghana

On this day putting patriotic display pictures on social sites is not enough for us as an Indian, it’s our duty to not only respect our country but we should also feel proud for the great fighters we had once in a time.
This festival is celebrated with lots of respect not only in the Capital Delhi but also in all the parts of India. There is a public holiday every year’s 15th August.
So on the occasion of the “Happy Independence Day India”, here we provide you with the collection of the best motivational quotes, pictures, and messages.
These wishes, greeting, quotes, and messages you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other site with your family and friends.

  • Wherever I will go, I am going to carry my country’s flag with me always because I am one of the proud Indians.11. Never ask what can your country do for you, But ask yourself what can you do for your country.
  • For the sake of our Nation, thousands of people faced the worst situations of their lives, we should never forget how much they have suffered for us.

  • Freedom was not easy to get, it could not have been possible without our freedom fighters, So great legacy is not free, it has taken the blood of so many citizens. Let us celebrate it with proud. Happy Independence Day14. Some people prefer that nothing is as precious as a life full of leisure, But I consider that nothing is as precious as having the Freedom and Liberty.
  • People are really lucky who died for their nation, these are the people who are still alive in one’s mind, I salute you and your family for giving a gem like you. Happy Independence Day.16. We know how to join hands, even we know how to break hands, that the reason we admire Gandhi Ji and Chandra Shekhar Azad.
  • India is our country, we will never let India face any trouble again, if it needs then we will contribute our lives but we won’t let India get any scratch.

Friend I hope that you have enjoyed this happy independence day 2018 that I have shared with you. I will be happy if you share this happy independence day 2018 images
with your friends. Don't forget to share your lovely comments below

Independence Day Quotes For Facebook and Whatsapp 2019

independence day quotes - Friend If you are looking for best independence day quotes on this independence day
 then I have created a collection for you on this independence day. Friend everyone is celebrating independence day on
 15th August because of happy independence day Whatsapp messages and independence day messages
are a very important part of this freedom day. If you are looking for Indian independence day wishes messages to share
with your friends then I am going to share all-time best status for happy independence day in India. Please check below 
and share with your friends

Independence Day Quotes For Facebook and Whatsapp 

Independence Day Quotes For Facebook and Whatsapp 2018

happy independence day Whatsapp messages

The president conveys the ‘”Address to the Nation” on the eve of Independence Day. India’s executive spreads out India’s banner and holds a discourse at the Red Fort in Old Dehli. Banner raising functions and social projects are held in the state capitals and frequently include numerous schools and associations.
  • Even if I died in the service of the nation, I would be proud of it. Every drop of my blood will contribute to the growth of this nation
    And to make it strong and dynamic.
    Happy Independence Day.
  • Grasp the opportunity with both hands to feel really very special as an Indian reading these quotes on the Indian Independence Day. A number of famous and reputed persons have thrown some light on the chapter of Indian Independence.

independence day messages in English

  • Happy Independence Day to All Let's Celebrate This Day.
    The Day That Gave Us The Freedom Of Thought, Action, Faith n Speech.
  • If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts,
    Has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life,
    And has found solutions,
    I should point to India.
  • India will teach us the tolerance and gentleness of mature mind, understanding spirit and a unifying, pacifying love for all human beings.
  • Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the words... Pride in our Souls... Let us salute the Nation.

indian independence day wishes messages

[email protected]=-._;

Es jhande ko kabhi bhi mat jhukne dena!

  • True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.
  • The price for independence is often isolation and solitude.
  • Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.
  • May The Sun In His Course Visit No Land More Free, More Happy, More LOVELY, than this our own country! Happy Independence Day.
  • It is day to pay salute to all those who became the reason of this land. Happy Independence.
  • Freedom was taken by the blood that was given. Happy Independence Day..
  • Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.
  • Fear is the foundation of most governments.
  • Keep India green & clean!! Let us make this our National Motto Happy Independence Day
  • May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!
  • Our life is full of colors.. Our life is full of Colors.. I hope this 15th August will.. add more colors to your life.
  • True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.
  • Economic independence is the foundation of the only sort of freedom worth a damn.
  • Without moral and intellectual independence, there is no anchor for national independence.
  • You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.
  • Thousands laid down there lives so that our country breath this day.. Never forget there sacrifice... Happy Independence day.
  • Independence Day is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.
  • Let freedom never perish in your hands.
  • Freedom has its life in the hearts,
    The actions, the spirit of men
    and so it must be daily earned and refreshed
    else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots,
    it will wither and die.
    Happy Independence Day

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    happy independence day to India

    Independence Is A Day When We Remember, Our Leaders Who Fought With Britishers,
    So That We May Not Live In Their Cage – Happy Freedom Day!!

    Meet young India Emerging with flying colors dynamic and versatile in every manner. Let the world know we are back with a bang _ Happy Independence Day 2018!

    Long years ago, We made a tryst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our Pledge… at the stroke of the midnight Hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and Freedom _ Happy 70th Independence Day 2018!!
    Let’s not take our Independence For Granted…Let’s do out To make India a better place…Legacy to live for & Legacy to Die for – Happy Independence Day !!!

    happy independence day shayari hindi

    अब तक जिसका खून न खौला,वो खून नहीं वो पानी है जो देश के काम ना आये, वो बेकार जवानी है, 15 अगस्त स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई

    न सर झुका है कभी.. और न झुकायेंगे कभी, जो अपने दम पे जियें…सच में ज़िन्दगी है वही. जिओ सच्चे भारतीय बन कर..15 अगस्त स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई..

    चड़ गये जो हंसकर सूली, खाई जिन्होने सीने पर गोली, हम उनको प्रणाम करते हैं, जो मिट गये देश पर. हम उनको सलाम करते हैं..स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई

    आओ देश का सम्मान करें, शहीदों की शहादत को याद करें, एक बार फिर से राष्ट्र की कमान, हम हिन्दुस्तानी अपने हाथ धरे, आओ स्वंतंत्र दिवस का सम्मान करें!

    Na poocho jamane ko, ki kya humari kahani hain, Humari pehchaan to sirf ye hai ki hum Hindustani 

    बड़े बुजुर्ग लोगों को 15 अगस्त की कवितायेँ पड़ने में अलग तरह का आनंद आता है| लोगों को उनके आजादी के इस त्यौहार की कद्र होती है उन्हें पता है की आजादी का त्यौहार लोगों के दिलों को छु लेता है.
    वैसे तो एक बात कहूँ आज 15 अगस्त हैं दिल में पतंग उड़ाने के लिए तो ढेर सारी उमंगे आ रही होंगी लेकिन जरा इन 15 अगस्त की कविताओं पर भी एक नजर दे दीजिये.

    happy independence day in hindi

    आओ सब मिल कर पतंग उड़ायें, हो जाये सब मस्त,भेद भाव ना कोई रखें, आ गयी है 15 अगस्त,रंग बिरंगी , नीली पिली , पतंग है लहराती,काली काली घटाए भी, अबी इसमें छुप जाती है,हरे भगवे रंग से रंगा असमान लगे प्यारा,हमें गर्व है भारत पे, जो देश है हमारा,चुमों मट्टी को जिसमे यमुना सरस्वती ओर गंगा,झूमे नाचे अब लहराते रहे हमारा प्यारा तिरंगा…

    15 अगस्त 1947 को हो गए थे आजाद हम,आजादी के 69 साल बाद भी क्या,समझ पाए आजादी का मतलब हम,पहले ब्रिटिश शासन के तहत,जकड़े थे गुलामी के बेड़ियों में,आज संविधान लागू होने के बाद भी,जाति-पाति के कारण हो गए हैं,अपने ही देश में गुलाम हम,पहले रंग-भेद के जरिए गोरों ने हमको बाँटा था,आज हमारे अपनो ने ही,बाँट दिए जातिवाद और धर्मवाद के नाम पर हम,जो भारत पहचान था कभी,एकता, अखण्डता और विविधता का,वो भारत ही झेल रहा है दंश अब आन्तरिक खंडता का,बाँधा था जिन महान देशभक्त नेताओं ने,अपने बलिदानों से एकता के सूत्र में हमें,अपने ही कर्मों से अब उनकी आत्माओं को,दे रहे हैं लगातार त्राश हम,जातिवाद, आरक्षण और धर्मवाद ने,बुद्धि हमारी को भ्रमाया है,राजनेताओं ने अपने हित की खातिर,हमको आपस में लड़वाया है,बहुत हुआ सर्वनाश अपना,कुछ तो खुद को समझाओं अब,देश पर हुए शहीदों की खातिर,समझो आजादी का मतलब अब।जय हिन्द, जय भारत। 

    मैं भारत बरस का हरदम अमित सम्मान करता हूँ

    यहाँ की चांदनी मिट्टी का ही गुणगान करता हूँ,

    मुझे चिंता नहीं है स्वर्ग जाकर मोक्ष पाने की,

    तिरंगा हो कफ़न मेरा, बस यही अरमान रखता हूँ।

    Na maro sanam bewafa ke leeye,
    Do gaz jameen nhi milegi dafan hone k liye,
    Marna hain toh maro vatan ke liye,
    Hasina b duppta utar degi tere kafan ke liye.

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    happy independence day image  Hi friends if you are looking for happy independence day images for this Indian independence day then you are at right place because   I am going to share my all Indian independence day images with you on my this article friends I will share here independence day images downloading link for you. Today every Indian is celebrating Independence day for the freedom of India. On 15th August India gots freedom from British Government. So enjoy this day and also share this happy independence day pic with your friends. If you like these happy independence day gif then don't forget to share on social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

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    happy independence day image - Indian independence day images 2018

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    happy independence day gif

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    indian independence day images

    indian independence day images

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    Independence Day India

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